Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Keep Losing Permission To SharePoint Site

Here is another one of those strange help desk calls. So it started right after the upgrade to 2010. A bunch of customers kept calling me saying they can not get to a site. I went in and they were in the Members group. Ok, not sure what to do here so I deleted them and added them back into the group. They were good for about a day. This went on and on for a few weeks. I could not figure out why the were in the group but could not get into the site. I kept thinking it was network related or something. Finally I stumbled across an article about something unrelated that seemed to be the answer. It was in regards to groups becoming corrupted during an upgrade. Hmmm, maybe this is the problem. So I created a new group for the members and added each person. Well that did the trick and the help desk tickets are cleared up. Well at least in regards to that issue.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Export iGoogle And Move It To A Yahoo Page - It Looks Almost the Same!

I am super bummed that iGoogle is going away. My whole life is on that thing. My news, stocks, interesting widgets. Now is the time to dump your stuff and get over it. Well I have been searching for a great replacement and think I have narrowed it down to Yahoo. It actually was pretty simple to do. First I went to Yahoo.com. On the top there is a button for MyYahoo. I clicked on that and hit Sign in. Here is a choice to sign in using your Google account. I did that. I hovered over the settings sprocket and there was a choice for import iGoogle settings (YES!). I followed the instructions to export and to import into Yahoo. The nice thing is I can go back now to seeing my Gmail and my Google calendar on my Chrome homepage.

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Here is a picture.  I think this will work.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Special Character Problem From Excel To Oracle DB

So no one really likes to type things and everyone wants to just upload a spreadsheet. Why not? Many of us have had the situation where you see an upside down question mark in your data. Some how a special character that your database does not like got in there. I am not a database person, so please feel free to post the technical details in the comments. It seems like it happens when people paste things from Word into a form or into the Excel upload file. We had a case of this today and it was really annoying because we could not see where the special characters were coming from. I had this nice text file to upload and it looked fine. The database guys started sending me notes that there were special characters and the customers needed to fix the input file. Easier said then done because no one can see the characters. I felt like the blonde girl on the Big Bang Theory. The database guys kept taking about special characters I could not see. After much discussion with the guys and playing with UltraEdit (love it), I finally figured out how to fix this issue. So we took the Excel spreadsheet, saved it as a .CSV MS-DOS format. Next opened it in a text editor (Wordpad will work). OMG, the y with two dots over it. The Ÿ or (trema Y) for you technical types was my problem. In Excel it just looked like a space at the end of the cell. Once we could see it, an easy find and replace. We are in back in business now.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

SharePoint Workflow Stuck Starting

I had a case where I was using a OOTB Approval workflow and had it set to run when a new item was added.  It worked in 2007, but then when we upgraded to 2010, only problems.  After working with the help desk I finally got to the bottom of the problem.  The deal is the workflow kicks off before you even fill in the properties.  This makes sense because sometimes I get the email the workflow started before I finish typing.  Hence the problem.  If you have a document library containing required fields or that requires the item be checked out, the workflow will get stuck and just say "Starting" forever.  The easy fix is to remove all the requirements on the fields and checkout.  I have read you can add a step in the workflow to telling it to wait before starting.  I have not gotten that to work yet.  When I do I will post the instructions.